Our Leadership


Shaikh Adil Gul

Chief Executive

Adil started his career as a techie engineer, and after so many years, he is still one of the finest tech gurus. He has a solid technical background, he keeps it updated by researching and reading; this is his passion.

Adil introduced networking in Pakistan in the early 1980s and deployed and implemented Lantastic and Novell Netware based solutions. He was the first individual to achieve SCO ACE, Compaq ASE, and SCO UNIX Certified Instructor certifications in 1992 in Pakistan and deployed UNIX-based solutions.

At a large tertiary care hospital and university, Adil designed and implemented campus LAN of 4500+ nodes in 1997 also deployed VPN technology in the early 2000s and securely connected hundreds of remote offices within the country and some international locations. Several engineering universities in Pakistan taught and used his designs used as case studies. Later, Adil also designed and deployed an ISP, configured Internet gateways and firewalls and provided filtered and secured Internet access all over campus. Adil worked there for 15 years, became known as the ”resident IT guru", and he vetted and introduced all new technical solutions there. For his outstanding work in networking, he was awarded IT Excellence Award twice by NCR/Teradata.

Adil implemented numerous complex projects, web conferencing, e-learning, remote access, Internet gateway, cybersecurity, enterprise search, helpdesk, surveillance, management and monitoring systems. Also managed deployment of patient care, telemedicine, teleradiology, CR, PACX, radiotherapy, ERP, asset management and data warehousing/data analytics. He mitigated risks, fulfilled requirements and worked with internal and external stakeholders while maintaining extremely high expectations of the end user meeting the performance, availability, security, industry standards and best practices requirements with successful within budget and within time deployments. Adil also has considerable experience in cybersecurity solution design and deployment including ethical hacking, penetration testing and auditing.

Over the years, Adil got involved in planning, budgeting, procurement, product and vendor evaluations, contract administration, and preparation of feasibility studies, business plans and long-term strategies. Adil has been leading IT policy, governance, enterprise architecture, also has in-depth knowledge of frameworks and standards such as MOF, ISO 9001, ISO 20000, ISO 27001 and JCI.

His experience includes more than 35 years of hands-on knowledge of operating systems, networking, connectivity, internet engineering, cybersecurity, and infrastructure.

Adil has trained many engineers; several became CCIEs while they were reporting to him and are in senior technical management positions in prestigious multinationals including Cisco, Engro, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Mobilink, Nutanix, Oracle, Roshan, and VMWare.

Adil has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Electrical (Computer) Engineering from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, C.A. USA.

Adil is a member of Tau Beta Pi and Eta Kappa Nu.